Many people who suffer from compulsive overeating have found help through medical intervention, psychotherapy, group therapy and support groups such as Overeaters Anonymous. There are number of tools which can be used to prevent compulsive overeating. Follow these steps. Talk to your doctor about undergoing medical and psychological treatment for this disorder. You will need to participate in a thorough physical and mental exam to help rule out other conditions which may be causing your compulsive overeating. Work with a therapist and dietician to develop healthy eating patterns and figure out what may trigger compulsive overeating in your life. By practicing cognitive behavioral therapy, you may be able to become more in touch with your desire to eat out emotional, instead of physical, need and develop the tools to mitigate your initial compulsive response. Address any underlying psychological issues such as depression, abuse or self-esteem issues which may be at the root of your compulsive overeating. Until these problems are addressed, you are much more likely to return to poor eating habits and engage in self-destructive behaviors such as compulsive overeating. Prevent relapses into compulsive overeating by developing a network of support for yourself. This might include a support group such as Overeaters Anonymous, which provides support through regular meetings and behavioral modification tools. Talk to your doctor about medications which may help to address underlying issues, such as depression. These medications may help to curb your appetite while correcting a chemical imbalance which causes feelings of depression and hopelessness. Provide a supportive environment for your family to prevent overeating among children. By creating an open discussion of food and proper eating habits, you can help your children develop healthier attitudes towards food and emotions. Develop a personal plan for eating which will help keep you on course throughout the day. By following this plan, you may prevent yourself from overeating and help to redirect your compulsive tendencies towards healthier behavior.