Drinking often starts initially as a social activity though it may begin as a way to numb something painful or overwhelming in one's life. However, it can become a dependency and how to stop drinking information is important even for those who say it's just a casual after-work activity. If drinking is needed every day after work, then there are underlying pressures at work or in one's relationships or financial life that are needing some true solutions rather than temporary forms of forgetting about them. Honesty is important for taking a look this. What would it be like to not have a few drinks at night or on the weekend. What type of inner pressure or racing thoughts will arise? These can be the key to seeing what one is worried about or finds overwhelming in life.. You'll notice more pressure but it's a very useful way to see what is driving you to drink. It also is the door out because the problems can be addressed in a healthier way that will lead to a real solution. Acknowledging that there is a problem is half the battle. By doing this, steps can be taken to stop drinking. Without doing this, the denial continues. Sometimes an intervention is necessary to help someone you love see the gravity of the problem. Depending on one's motivation as well as the extent of the problem, a rehab program may be the best choice. However, many people have found success using local support groups so this can be a successful strategy. Find an alcoholic anonymous group in your area. There are many ones now that are tied to certain groups. For instance, there is in South Florida AA meetings that have predominately gay members, or religious members or other niches. Ask around so you can find a support group that may speak to your particular interest if you feel you'd work best in a specialized environment. However, all AA groups will have a wide variety of representation of personalities and interests so this may not be necessary. You'll be assigned a sponsor and this is a great way to have support for those times you feel weak. Your sponsor has gone through this process and knows your pain. Also within the meetings themselves you'll be hearing others' experiences and ways drinking has impacted them. This can be very healing. Some people know that their personality would benefit from a rehab program that is residential. Don't let your excuses about missing work or it not being the right time seduce you. This is the right time to stop drinking and there is never a perfect time when the world will stop. By taking the step now you'll be able to have richer relationships and a much more fulfilling life.