Addiction to crystal meth wrecks havoc on the addicts life. This drug has powerful stimulants that trigger mass quantities of dopamine in the brain causing its user to become severely addicted. An addict becomes severely poisoned by this drug causing all types of harm to their brain, bodies, bones, and teeth. I will teach you how to detoxify an addicts body, and bring an addict back to as good of health as they possibly can get to. This will take POWERFUL determination for the addict to change their lives. This is radical amputation of a disastrous unhealthy lifestyle. An addict must STOP the use of crystal meth and abandon the friends that they have who are addicted to the drug. Do not visit with the dealers, do not keep the phone numbers of the people who are on the drug. Visit a health food store and buy the following items: St. John's Wort Goji Berries Spirulina Royal Jelly Propolis Raw Cacao The St. John's wort will be taken 3 times a day to help stimulate serotonin in the brain, helping with the dopamine addiction. The Cacao and Goji Berries will supplement a tremendous amount of anti oxidants to help kill wild free radicals in your blood, along with supply and incredible amount of nutrients to the body. The cacao (raw chocolate) is best eaten on a small amount of organic ice cream. The spirulina is packed with protein and an incredible amount of vitamins. The Royal Jelly and Propolis have excellent vitamins to stimulate the 7 glands of your body, along with provide incredible boosts to your immune system. Take all of these as directed on the supplement bottle. The Goji and Cacao are actually "food" so eat about a ping pong ball sized amount per day. An addict absolutely must detoxify his or her body. Along with the supplements, the addict must switch to an 85% raw food diet. This means a lot of RAW uncooked fruits and vegetables. The 15% that the addict can eat must be healthy cooked meats and multi grain breads. Avoid all packaged food, processed food, and never eat fast food. If it doesn't grow naturally, an addict should not eat it. As cravings for the drug return, increase the amount of St. John's Wort to give more serotonin to the brain. Continue this way for at least two months. Whoever was addicted to crystal meth will absolutely say that they feel 1000% better and can't believe they allowed themselves to get that unhealthy.