New Method Wellness is a treatment facility that cares for the whole person and strives to do one thing. That one thing is to make you or your loved one well again. We understand how to bring hope to families and individuals that were once hopeless. We believe in positive growth and teaching our patients how to love themselves again and live freely. We have extensive personal experience dealing with the hardships of addiction and recovery, and have created a program that is unparalleled in the field of recovery. This "New Method" empowers the individual struggling with addiction, and our approach is to offer you or a loved one a new chance at life all the while equipping them with a skill set that enbales them to not just to survive but to thrive and live again. We believe that creating a positive inner power, and gratitude while combined with our nurturing approach and expertise in addiction medicine. We provide a strong, safe foundation in which the individual can overcome any addiction. It brings us great pleasure to share some of our success stories with the hope that you take the next step either for yourself or a dear loved one. One of our main goals is to make sure New Method Treatment will be your only treatment stop on your journey to recovery. THESE ARE JUST A FEW SUCCESSES AT NEW METHOD
Hello Susie! I have a great life today. My Children have a father. My wife has a real partner. I have appreciation for all of the great things in life, and without being dulled by drugs and alcohol-----I have the ability to cope with life’s ups and downs-----respecting their necessity and coping with life on life’s terms. Much as they say in AA-----your program is not on trial or in question-----it is a proven winner. Your program, coupled with my relationship with God and involvement in the AA program-----and by working the steps-----I have at my disposal----- a perfect proven pathway to peace-----I don’t have to drink and use drugs any more. Ever. You gave me and all the alumni of your program the tools and insight into a different way of living. What we do with that knowledge is our responsibility. I think that your reaching out to other alumni is awesome. To have the ability to take a sick person-----and to work with them, giving of yourself and to see them thru a program-----is an awesome talent. You are life savers. Each and everyone of you. Hell even Ed! My disease is serious and it kills. I don’t have to live a life of misery anymore-----and this new journey was the proximate result of the skills I gained from time spent with you. I am forever grateful. Should lapses, relapses or whatever occur…. I still have the skills you have instilled within me-----a wonderful gift. Peace Chip
New Method SuccesssDear Susie and Ed, Drew is doing well, partly because of people like you being there to help guide him. Sharon and I truly appreciate your interest and concern for Drew. We count on your follow through regarding rules and structure; this is proving out to be crucial for Drew’s respect for others in life. You are playing an important role in Drew’s recovery.... Thanks so much for each and every thing you do for Drew, for us, and for all those you help. Phil D.
Dear Ed and Susie, You are thought of often and fondly of course! I am really doing well-----it is almost unbelievable---things run kind of smooth without all the drunken drama you know? We love you guys---you made a big difference in my life forever---- Best to all -----even Allie! Chip
New Method Success
Dear Susie and Ed, our friends, My wife and I wish to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for the way you both, and your staff, gave our son attention, at a time critical to him. You very well may have saved his life or even someone else's life as well. Thank you both. Mr and Mrs. D'Andra
Dear Susie and Ed, Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and for being such caring and loving people. You have made this experience very special for me and I will never forget that. I am so grateful for knowing you and look forward to seeing you around. John A.