This article will give you info on how to determine and treat the dangerous effects of huffing. This form of substance abuse is very destructive and can occur completely under the radar of most parents. Young adults usually have this addiction problem, due to the easy nature of procuring substances that can be used to huff. Paints, hairspray, and other household chemicals contain very toxic chemicals that when inhaled cause an altered state of perception in the user. This change in the senses occurs because; the chemicals are actually damaging the person’s body and poisoning them. It can easy kill an individual because; the toxic chemicals are so powerful.

Toxic chemicals are found throughout our homes. Most parents are not aware of the dangers that can occur when these substances are used as inhalants create a high usually called huffing. If you believe that your teen could be experimenting with this then you need to seek help immediately. The neurological effects of abuse with harmful substances are irreversible. It can quickly build up in the body to fatal levels, especially with young child.

In almost every state, it is illegal for children to buy substances that could be used for huffing. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t find these substances at home. Ways that you can make sure that your child doesn’t huff is to lock all dangerous chemicals in a cabinet and to have the only key. This will insure that they can’t procure these chemicals as easily but this may not stop them from using. You should talk with your young adult about the dangers of using these substances for recreational purposes and the consequences use can have on their lives.

If someone starts huffing at a young age, it can lead them to becoming very sick or even dying. If you see any warning signs that tell you that your child could be abusing substances, you should contact a medical center immediately. Because these chemicals are so toxic, the damage and addiction that forms can be very difficult to undo. By working with trained professionals that have experience with huffing you can make sure that your child gets the treatment that they desperately need. Start contacting centers immediately if your child is at risk.