Do You Need Inpatient Treatment in California?

There are some people in some situations who can deal with an addiction without the need for residential treatment. Most often, those are people who have recently began to abuse a substance such as marijuana or alcohol, and who have not built up a long-standing dependency. Others, however, will find it difficult, if not impossible, to recover without help. In some cases, an attempt at unassisted “cold turkey” can even be dangerous. Those who abuse drugs such as cocaine, heroin, prescription medications, or amphetamines will almost certainly need to undergo detox to get the substance out of their systems before any meaningful attempt at recovery can be made. Those who have used alcohol or marijuana to the extent that they suffer withdrawal symptoms will be much better off in residential facilities. For West Coast residents, there are many facilities for inpatient treatment in California.

Find Appropriate Inpatient Treatment in California

There are several factors to consider when making decisions about inpatient treatment in California. If you use hard drugs, the most important factor is probably to choose a facility that has special knowledge in treating your particular addiction. Methods of treating methamphetamine addiction are different from methods for treating heroin addiction, so be sure the facility you choose specializes in the treatment you need. For alcoholics, a choice can be made between twelve-step and alternative programs. The twelve-step model of Alcoholics Anonymous is long established and highly successful. A majority of residential facilities, whether for alcohol or drug abuse, use the twelve steps as a basis for recovery. There are, however, many alternative approaches. Holistic treatment, which treats the entire person, physically, mentally and spiritually, is increasingly popular. There are also facilities that use a primarily medical or primarily psychological approach. You have many options regarding which type of treatment you can select. But if you’re reading this because you’re concerned about your substance abuse, you really don’t have a choice about quitting.