The drug known as ketamine, or special K, is a very popular party drug. If you know someone who is using it, they need to get help immediately. This is a tranquilizer that creates an altered state of consciousness in the user but it can have very damaging side effects. By going to a treatment center, a person can find help to stop using and to ensure that they don’t use it again in the future. If someone is using special K, then chances are they are using other drugs. Make sure they go to a center that can help with those drugs also.

Many times a person will use ketamine because they are experimenting with different drugs. Mixing substances can create a different and dangerous high. One of the problems in taking this drug is that it is a medicine. When taken at the improper dosage, it can cause major heart problems and other serious cardiac complications in an individual. Many times, a person won’t be aware that they’ve suffered from using this drug until later when the complications arise.

Another dangerous aspect of using ketamine is that it is usually mixed with other drugs and alcohol. By taking other drugs, the user runs the risk of further complicating the side effects. It will also create a very dangerous situation for themselves and they could possibly overdose. You need to contact medical professionals immediately because, the sooner you get help the less chance you or someone you care for has of getting hurt by this drug.

Help is available to you or someone else who is abusing ketamine. By speaking with a healthcare professional, they’ll have the knowledge and advice on what you should do in order to create a treatment plan to get you off the drug. Due to its powerful effects over a person, breaking the cycle of addiction can be difficult. Talk with a treatment center today to stop using ketamine. If you don’t do it today, it could be too late.