If you think that you may have a substance abuse problem with ketamine or special K, then this article will give you more information on how you can find help. This drug is a anesthetic that can be used illegally in order to create a feeling of euphoria. Special K can become highly addictive and cause major complications when its use is combined with alcohol and other drugs. Because of the severe psychological addiction that can occur with using it, you should seek out the help of trained medical professionals if you feel you are addicted.

The best way you can get help for ketamine addiction is to contact a treatment program immediately. The body can quickly form a psychological bond to the drug based on the effects that it has based on the way that in alters awareness and creates an overall feeling of numbness and disconnection with reality. Like any substances that are being used illegally, the dosage that a person receives of special K can vary. A higher than normal dose can cause breathing and other bodily function problems.

When you look into finding help for a ketamine addiction, make sure that you are contacting a center that has dealt with this drug and similar drugs before. If you feel that you have an addiction problem then chances are that you’re also using other drugs that have intensified the feelings that you are having. By going to a treatment program that can help you with multiple drugs, you can make sure that you receive the best and proper care for your unique circumstances. A center should do a consultation with you and determine your amount of drug use and addictive patterns.

Looking for help is the best way that you’ll be able to deal with any addiction and by researching articles like this one you’ve started on the journey toward stopping your substance abuse. Because ketamine creates an altered state of awareness and the dosages that you take can vary greatly, it’s important to get off the drug as soon as possible. Physical injury can occur by mixing this drug with others. Also, you’re putting yourself in a dangerous situation due to the altered nature of reality that you’re experiencing. Make sure that you contact a treatment center today to stop your ketamine addiction.