Oxycontin Addiction And Addiction Treatment

Oxycontin addiction treatment can have dramatic effects on one’s life. There are many individuals who take these drugs as prescribed but end up developing a high level of addiction. Addiction to this kind of drug often takes a toll on an addict, physically and emotionally. Usually a person starts taking these drugs to suppress pain but he/she may also feel some level of depression. The depression can be exacerbated by the oxycontin intake. The excessive use of this drug may relieve pain but it also creates and nurtures negative emotions. This may also hinder the person’s concentration and make him/her feel depressed and crave the drug. Oxycontin blocks pain messages from reaching the nervous system and brain, increasing the level of dopamine in brain and creating a feeling of euphoria. The increase of oxycontin provides a more pleasurable feeling but the person develops a tolerance to the effects of the drug. An overdose of the drug often leads to the failure of the respiratory system.

Professional Oxycontin Treatment

Oxycontin treatment takes place under the medical supervision of an expert. These are often followed by treatment programs in a rehab. In the detoxification process, the medical supervisor develops a medical protocol that reduces the symptoms and addiction and brings the patient safely through withdrawal. This process generally takes a week.

Quick Oxycontin Detox

After the Oxycontin detox has taken place, the next part of the oxycontin treatment is enrolment in a residential treatment center. The treatment centers are chosen according to the history and severity of the addiction. Family therapy, counseling sessions, and group discussion help the patient recover from addiction to oxycontin. Oxycontin treatment is a quick and simple recovery process.