Living Sober: Seeing Life Differently When you get out of rehab you begin living sober in the real world. In rehab you are sheltered and protected. Once you exit you are met with the same stresses that existed prior entering rehab. The great thing about sobriety is you start thinking clearly again. You are no longer using mind altering substances so everything looks differently. You begin to taste food again. You learn what a night’s sleep is like without alcohol in your system. Helping A Friend Post Alcoholism Treatment Once your friend leaves alcoholism treatment and comes back to real life they may lean on you pretty hard to help them stay sober. While it’s important to be a good friend and as supportive as you can if they are leaning too hard it can cause you undue stress, especially if you can’t be there for them twenty-four seven. If you feel they are depending on your too much and you can meet their every demand it’s important you tell them they need to find other people as well that they can talk to. You’re not qualified to be their sponsor. When Your Friend Fights Entering An Addiction Treatment Program A friend may have a problem but might not be ready to admit that they need to enter an addiction treatment program. All you can do is talk to them and explain to them how important it is to you that they realize they have a problem and get help. You can organize an intervention among family and friends and also ask other people to talk to them one-on-one about their addiction. If they’re fighting you though you have to step back and let them fall a few times. You’ve done your best now it’s up to them to get help.