What To Do If You Suspect Your Dad Is Not Living Sober Anymore Do not panic if you find out that your father is no longer living sober. There is a way to approach the situation without getting completely upset and putting your father on the defensive. First gather your information. If you found drugs or alcohol that he hid or threw away start looking for more signs. The more you have to confront him with the better. Also take a chose few into your confidence. Tell them you suspect he’s using again and see if they haven’t seen similar signs. Falling Apart At A Drug Addiction Center Some people truly fall apart at a drug addiction center. They know they need help but once they get there they panic. They’re not sure what to expect or if they’re going to be able to handle it. Therefore they lose it completely. It can be hard to see your daughter, mother, son, brother or father fall apart before your very eyes. Chances are they will beg you not to commit them. They will plead. It will be heartbreaking but you have to stand strong. Lying Your Way Through California Dual Diagnosis Facilities If you’re going to lie your way through California dual diagnosis facilities then you are only hurting yourself. First of all rehabs are equipped with specialists who have seen and heard it all. They know the signs and they can spot when an addict isn’t telling the truth. The truth will eventually come out in rehab. It’s really hard to run for it. You are expected to talk about your feelings. It’s all part of the process. You are there to not only work on your addiction but work on yourself and your issues.