Living Sober: The First Step Is Honesty

The first step in living sober is being honest. That’s the first step in most rehab programs, honesty. If you are being dishonest in your life then you are not going to be honest with your addiction. You are going to have a harder time staying sober if you are up to your old games of lying and trickery. While that doesn’t mean to hurt people’s feelings by telling them things about them you wouldn’t normally tell them, it does mean not lying about where you were and who you were hanging out with.

Alcohol Detox: When The Withdrawal Symptoms Scare You

If you are about to enter rehab and go through alcohol detox and you are hesitating because you are scared of the detox process you have to tell someone. While you don’t want them to fill your head with lies about the process, sometimes just talking about how you are feeling makes entering detox easier. Also, a counselor or doctor can give you medicine to help manage the withdrawal symptoms. It’s better to be upfront about it then it be afraid and not saying anything.

Addiction Rehabilitation: There’s Nothing Wrong With Getting Help

There is nothing wrong with going to addiction rehabilitation for an alcohol or drug problem. Some addict’s are worried if they go and they tell their employer that they need time off that they’re going to be labeled an addict. The truth is there will be people who when you tell them you are going to rehab or have been in rehab that will label you. They will look at you differently and you don’t have to prove anything to them but the only thing you can do is be the best person you can be and not care.