Living Sober: Enjoying Your Kids Again It’s hard unless you are living sober to enjoy time with your kids. When you’re drinking or abusing drugs you put the drugs and alcohol first and the kids second. Your kids know when you’ve had a few and they leave you alone. They don’t ask you to go outside and throw a football around with them or play in the snow. It’s a difficult time for any kid who begins to accept that they have a parent that doesn’t play with them. Fighting The Cravings During Drug Alcohol Detox When you enter drug alcohol detox you will experience withdraw symptoms and you will crave the drugs and alcohol that helped you get through the tough times. The good news is most rehabs have doctors on staff to give you medication and help you through the difficult time. It isn’t easy going through detox. No one will tell you it is but you will come out stronger and clear headed and ready to tackle your addiction problem head on. Holistic Rehab Orange County: Diet And Exercise Matter At a holistic rehab orange county diet and exercise really matter to them. They feel that in order for an addict to be clean and stay clean they don’t need to just quit drinking. They also need to make lifestyle changes too. Having a healthy diet and exercising is great for your mind and your spirit. When you feel good about yourself you make good decisions. There is also a belief that alcoholism is crazed by food allergies and if you remove certain foods that are in alcohol out of your diet you won’t relapse. Some of these food are wheat, grapes and sugar.