You Can Find Low-Cost Drug Rehab in California

Going to drug rehab can cost you some money, but the alternative could cost you your life. If you need to go to drug rehab, lack of money should not prevent you from taking this important and necessary step. If you are employed and have health insurance, your first act should be to check out your policy. While benefits are being cut right and left these days, there are still many insurance companies that will cover inpatient treatment for substance abuse. (You are very likely to need inpatient treatment, since most drug addicts need to undergo a medically supervised detox process.) If you learn that you do have coverage, use our filter under “Key Links” to find treatment centers that accept insurance. If a treatment center you are interested in does not appear in that list, contact them directly to find out whether they accept your insurance.

More Options for Low-Cost Drug Rehab in California

A second option for low-cost drug rehab in California is to find a center that will accept a sliding scale or arrange a financing plan that you can manage. Although drug treatment centers need to cover their expenses and usually want to make a profit, they also want to help you get well. Many have programs built in that allow them to forgive part of the cost of your recovery. Again, there is a filter under “Key Links,” or you could contact a treatment center directly. Non-profit and governmental organizations are excellent places to find low-cost drug rehab in California. If you are affiliated with a church, investigate whether they run a treatment center. You can find public health options by using our filters, too. Under “States and Regions” on the home page, click “List of States.” Then click “California Programs,” and you’ll find a list of cities under the heading “California Local Guides.”