Everyone knows very well that ‘Everything in moderation is safe for all’, which is fine but all should have clear conception of what moderation is. The book definition of the word basically sums it up as: The avoidance of extremes in opinion, feelings or personal conduct. But knowing what the word means, and practicing the action, aren’t always one in the same for a lot people. Because as the definition states - it’s the avoidance of extreme behavior, and when it comes to taking drugs and/or over-indulging in alcohol, the word moderation doesn’t exist in their vocabulary, or their world for that matter.


Destruction and Alcohol


People also say “too much of ‘good’ thing can be bad”. Now for those who know someone struggling with drug or alcohol dependency, or if you are besieged with this problem yourself, you know that cliché couldn’t be more true.


A continued and extended drug addiction and/or alcoholism will eventually shut a person’s body down. Millions of people die every year from drug and alcohol-related illnesses - and it is not a ‘pretty’ way to go either. A corroding liver, brain hemorrhage, massive heart attack - do these things sound like fun?


And it’s not just the body that is soured by the effects of drugs and alcohol; it’s the mind as well. The obsession with getting high and/or getting drunk can drive most people over the edge during their addictive state - especially when that addiction isn’t being fed. They’ll lie, cheat, steal and in some circumstances, even kill to get what they need to feed their habit. It’s a sad, sad way to live and what’s even sadder is that the addict, most of the time, has no comprehension, nor do they care, what it’s doing to their family and friends. Everyone suffers, not just the addict.


So, don’t turn into a co-dependent part of the relationship. Giving someone forgiveness that is on the road to recovery is a one thing. But doing so over and over while they are still hurting themselves and others simply adds fuel to the fire. If you or someone you know has alcohol addiction issue, get proper treatment.