Drug and alcohol substance abuse and dependency are becoming more and more prevalent in society today. It is not uncommon to know someone who has, at one time or another, used illegal drugs. This in itself is disturbing, but more disturbing is when the use of an illegal drug becomes a dependency on that drug. It can be hard to know when this point has been reached, especially because drug use is considered to be socially acceptable in many situations. One drug in particular seems to be gaining popularity, so it is especially important to be vigilant against marijuana abuse. Marijuana abuse is on the rise because it is so easily accessible, it is relatively inexpensive and, perhaps more than any other drug, and its use is considered acceptable. This is true in many different scenarios, and among many different groups of people. Unfortunately, it seems to be true that one of the most common groups to use this drug is adolescents. This drug is used and mentioned in many different media, from television to movies to music, making its appeal to younger and younger audiences all the broader. There are ways to reverse this trend of marijuana abuse, but it will take concerted efforts on the part of many different players. The first step is to recognize the breadth and width of the problem. Once the scope is understood, that should create momentum for change on a governmental level. Early education could be an effective place to start trying to institute change. This education can and should take place in the classroom, and in open communication between children and parents. Persons who are already suffering from the ill effects of this substance should have access to drug treatment and therapy. Marijuana abuse needs to be addressed as the serious and growing societal problem that it is. Only by recognizing its prevalence can it be addressed and solved. Marijuana abuse does not have to mark the beginning of a decline into a life of substance use and dependency. With the proper education and, if necessary, treatment, the cycle of use that leads to dependency can be broken.