Marijuana addiction should be treated like any other addiction such as caffeine, cocaine or nicotine. The symptoms for marijuana addiction can be obscure, but by paying close attention to behavior you can help a loved one. Addiction There have been many disputes whether marijuana is addictive. For people who have dependency issues, marijuana can be highly addictive. Effects Marijuana can cause behavioral and physical consequences. It can cause issues with learning and memory, and difficulty in thinking and problem solving. Access Based upon findings from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA), teenagers are able to get marijuana easier than other drugs, even beer. This easier access can cause more teens to abuse marijuana and show signs of addiction. Symptoms Symptoms can include compulsive thoughts about smoking marijuana when it is not available. People who feel the need to smoke before important events such as a job interview or at a legal matter are showing addictive tendencies. People who frequently say they're going to stop smoking, yet find reasons to start again are also addicted. Treatment People can treat marijuana addiction by going to a rehab center, joining Marijuana Anonymous and seeking professional attention as soon as possible.