A Medical Detox Takes Care Of You A medical detox takes care of its patients. When you enter detox there is some fear that you’re not going to be able to make it through. Rest assured you will. A staff will be there to help you. They will give you the medicine you need to help ease the withdraw symptoms you will be experiencing. Trying to go through detox alone is a very painful thing for an addict. You really need medical attention on this one. Dropping Your Husband Off At An Addiction Center It can be heart breaking dropping your husband off at an addiction center. You’re so happy that he’s finally owned up to his addiction problem but you love him and you don’t want to see him go. You’ve been together since you were in your twenties and the idea of going home without daddy to your kids crushes your soul. Just know that during this time you need to take care of yourself too. Have a friend or family member come and stay with you and go out with your girlfriends for dinner. Trusting A Center For Addiction Treatment Trust is a hard thing for an addict. When they enter rehab they tend to be skeptical of the people running the center for addiction treatment. It’s important to try and let those walls you’ve built up around you down so that you can get the help you need from the people who want to give it to you the most. These people are qualified and they really only want to help you get sober and save you from alcoholism and drug abuse. Rehabs save lives every day. Their goal is to try and save your life if you’ll let them.