Online Multi-Faceted Resource Center and Community Forum for Substance Abuse and Addiction Services Further Assists 50,000 Recovering Addicts; Now Offers Recovery Coaching Services

May 18th, 2009 –, the preeminent online resource for drug rehab, treatment options and community forums for recovering substance abusers and their families, today announced a new online resource center to promote and enable the use of recovery coaches in the post treatment lives of former substance abusers and addicts. The new section of the site, available at, is designed to connect visitors looking to utilize a recovery coach to assist them in staying sober after treatment. “Recovery coaches work with people after recovery to help them deal with the wreckage normally created during active addiction and how to walk through those challenges still clean and sober,” stated Tom Mulligan, CFO of the Mulligan Group, a provider of marketing, financial and compliance services to the addiction treatment industry that oversees  “SoberRecovery® is an industry leading service for the addiction and treatment community and is the largest source of referrals to treatment centers with over 130,000 clients served every month,” noted Mulligan, adding that the biggest push for adding the Recovery Coaches section to was that “coaching is not treatment but the next step after treatment.  Once an alcoholic or addict stops using, there is strong pull to drink or use again when one encounters bad credit, old bills, relationship problems, relationship dysfunction, motivation, hopelessness, employment or unemployment.  Coaches help with long term life and sobriety planning.”  A key piece of the Recovery Coaches section at is the Academy for Coaching Excellence’s role.  Dr. Maria Nemeth, founder and creative director of the Academy, explained that the role of recovery coaches is a relatively new concept for recovering addicts and former substance abusers looking to create a sober atmosphere following treatment.  “A recovery coach helps people who have completed a recovery program stay on the path by attending meetings, much like a sponsor would do.  The goals they work on are very small and immediate, such as how to find a job and stabilize.  “For others, recovery coaches work with people who have completed a recovery program and who have their own sponsors.  In this case, the recovery coach helps them begin to formulate small personal and professional goals that will not overwhelm them during the first year of recovery. “Still others who call themselves recovery coaches work only with people who have had a year or more of continuous sobriety and a sponsor. They help these folks craft more long-term life goals because they have become stabilized.”   An internationally recognized author and speaker as well as a Certified Master Coach and licensed clinical psychologist, Nemeth has over 25 years’ experience in training individuals to utilize the coaching methods she’s developed.  To learn more about Recovery Coaches or to find a trained professional in this field, please visit ABOUT SOBERRECOVERY.COM: The preeminent online resource for drug rehab, treatment options, and community forums, is now in its 9th year of helping addicts, alcoholics, dual diagnosed, and their friends, family, and loved ones find hope and help.  Founded in 2000 as a resource for people looking for addiction treatment and recovery, over 53,000 people have become regular users of the site.  People look for detox, treatment, and extended recovery.  To learn more or to find treatment centers and local resources in your area, please visit  ###