Next to alcohol and sugar, smoking is one of the hardest habits to break. Other than getting a prescription, there are a number of alternative measures that can be taken. The main thing to remember is that it takes patience and persistence. Ween them out. If time is not an issue, the "ween out" method can work very effectively. Eliminate one cigarette from your daily total for a week. Then the following week, eliminate one more. Keep on following this process until you have eventually worked your way down to zero. If you find that approach too aggressive, then go every two weeks. Substitute cigarettes with chew sticks. The act of smoking has a lot to do with a habitual movement of the hands. Every time you want a cigarette, reach for a chew stick instead. This helps to keep the hands busy and to emulate the motion of smoking a cigarette. Do a detox. Nicotine is a major by-product of cigarettes and this is what actually causes the addiction. Nicotine gets stored in the body which creates toxicity. A good way to eliminate this toxicity is by doing a detox. These can be found at health food stores and online, and they usually come in kits. Find a good support system. This can be friend, family member or co-worker who once smoked or who is also quitting now. It is always easier to do things with the help of someone else, regardless if it is to lose weight, drive long distances or stop smoking. Nicotine Anonymous is also a good route to take if you are in need of support. Find some facts. Look for information on real life people who have been negatively impacted by the use of cigarettes. This can be in the form of movies, books, articles or journals. Specifically look for information on the hazards of smoking and how it has negatively impacted not just them, but their families as well. This will act as a key motivator to stay on track. Eliminate activities that cause cravings. Partaking in certain activities has been known to trigger smoking. This could be hanging out with certain people, going out to certain places or it could be doing certain activities like drinking that might cause you to crave cigarettes.