The use and abuse of drugs and alcohol seems to have reached an all-time high. While use and abuse of drugs and alcohol is dangerous enough alone, these patterns of behavior can also lead to the more pressing problems of drug and alcohol dependency or addiction. Once a person finds him or herself in a state of drug or alcohol dependency or even addiction, it is important that they seek help to try to reverse their behavior as quickly as possible. One place that can help individuals break out of the cycle of drug and alcohol use, abuse, dependency, and addiction is at an outpatient detox center. Outpatient detox programs are one means of addressing the problems created by alcohol and drug use, abuse, dependency, and addiction. These kinds of treatment facilities offer a variety of treatment options designed to promote and maintain sobriety. They can be especially effective in helping individuals in the earliest stages of sobriety. This is often the most challenging time, as individuals have to re-learn how to live without the aid of their substance of choice. Because beginning a life of sobriety can be the most tenuous phase of a person’s search for sobriety, participating in outpatient detoxification at this point can be the most advantageous to the person seeking to end drug or alcohol use, abuse, dependency, or addiction. These treatment facilities are specifically designed to meet the needs of the newly sober person. They provide the right kind of supportive atmosphere, and are staffed by knowledgeable and caring professionals who are solely dedicated to helping individuals achieve lasting sobriety. Outpatient alcohol and drug detox is one of many treatment modalities that can offer relief from drug or alcohol use, abuse, dependency, or addiction. Those who want to change their lives for the better should explore these different treatment methods. While many people may have good intentions regarding ending their drug or alcohol use, abuse, dependency, or addiction, they may not have the tools necessary to turn their good intentions into productive actions. Outpatient detox can provide the link between an individual’s desire and concrete, lasting change.