Individuals suffering from alcohol or drug use, abuse, dependency, or even addiction may have a hard time changing their behavior, even if they want to. The transition from a life that revolves around drug or alcohol use, abuse, dependency, or addiction to one that is free from drugs or alcohol is often more than one individual can handle alone. This may be due in part to the fact that withdrawing from alcohol or drug use involves the long and often times painful process of eliminating alcohol or drugs from the system. Individuals who face this daunting prospect may find it helpful to participate in an outpatient detox program. Outpatient detox programs focus specifically on the challenges that face individuals who are at the very beginning of their journey towards sobriety. The first step towards sobriety is making a decision to end alcohol or drug use, abuse, dependency, or addiction. The next is abstaining from the substance of choice, and it is at this point that many individuals may falter. Having the support of a treatment program can make the difference between carrying on towards sobriety and turning back to a life of substance use, abuse, dependency, and addiction. The early stages of sobriety are often marked by the real physical pain of learning to adjust to life with out the individual’s substance of choice. Outpatient detoxification programs and centers understand the realities of this process. Based on their experience with this process, these programs are perfectly positioned to help individuals understand and cope with the process of becoming sober. These treatment programs can provide practical information as well as emotional support to the individual who is seeking sobriety. Outpatient detox is a great way to help individuals transition out of lives controlled by alcohol or drug use, abuse, dependency, or addiction. These programs create safe and supportive environments designed to facilitate the difficult process of withdrawing from substance use and abuse. They also take full advantage of the newest addiction science by employing highly trained staff to guide individuals into sobriety. Outpatient detox can provide the motivation an individual needs to stay on the road to addiction recovery.