When addressing the problem of drug or alcohol dependency, there are many different decisions that need to be made. If the hope is for effective and lasting relief from the problems associated with addiction, some kind of structured treatment will likely be needed. One potentially helpful option is outpatient drug treatment. While this is not the only avenue to be explored, it does have many attributes that make it an attractive treatment option. Outpatient drug treatment offers many options for those who are seeking to rid themselves of addiction while still maintaining an independent life. Outpatient treatment is much more flexible than residential treatment, as there is no need to uproot your life, change your neighborhood, or even potentially lose your job in order to participate. Outpatient treatment may also be more discreet than other forms of treatment, as participants can carry on with most of their normal activities outside of treatment. Such treatment may also be better for those who have limited time or unusual schedules, as it is often available at a wide variety of locations and at a number of different hours. When deciding on the right kind of outpatient drug treatment program for you or your loved one, you may want to consider several additional factors. There are a variety of different programs available, so make sure you find one that is the right fit. For example, you may want to consider if a faith-based program or a scientifically based will best meet your needs. There are also programs designed specifically for men or for women, and there are programs that can offer additional treatment, such as mental health treatment, beyond drug and alcohol treatment. While there is no one answer to the problem of drug and alcohol addiction, outpatient drug treatment is a viable and often very effective way to address it. Outpatient drug treatment can help restore lives to balance and put them back on track. Given the wide array of outpatient treatment plans available, at least one should be able to help you or your loved one win the battle against drug or alcohol addiction.