For many suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, entering a treatment center may be their only hope for recovery. Although feelings of despair, shame, and isolation may arise, substance abusers should know that they are not alone. Millions of people have fallen victim to substance abuse, and even through feelings of helplessness, anger, and regret, they still find the strength to seek help through a treatment center or program. Choosing sobriety can be a debilitating struggle for many substance abusers. Many addicts hear of treatment center horror stories in which users experience terrible withdrawals, or are forced to deal with the problems their abuse may have caused. Others are unable to handle the pressure of their family and friends advising them to enter a treatment center as their addiction. However, entering a treatment center for substance abuse isn’t scary. There are a wide variety of treatment centers and programs available to help addicts overcome their abuse and to do so while meeting their personal needs. An inpatient treatment center helps those whose abuse has become debilitating or life-threatening while outpatient treatment programs are available for those with limiting obligations such as family or work. Popular treatment centers and programs include detoxification programs, inpatient treatments, faith-based treatments, holistic treatments, and outpatient treatments such as 12 Step programs and 12 Step Alternative programs. There are even treatment centers and programs for young adults and teenagers such as schools and wilderness camps, as well as relapse centers for those who were unable to maintain sobriety. Each treatment center is structured differently involving varying therapies and levels of time commitment. To ensure an addict receives the best treatment available to them, they should research the different options available, determine their own needs, and consider contacting a professional for a recommendation or referral. A treatment center understands how hard overcoming addiction is, and strives to make each addict’s recovery as personal and successful as possible. They incorporate a unique series of individual and group therapy sessions, educational classes, and self-fulfillment lessons designed to help an addict create a life of fulfillment without the need of drugs or alcohol. No addict wants to remain a slave to drugs or alcohol forever. Participating in a treatment center or program can help a substance abuser start anew by helping them overcome their addiction, and will provide a network of support and guidance to ensure their new found sobriety is lasting.