Overeaters Anonymous

[spacer size="20"] Overeaters Anonymous is an organization for those who are compulsive eaters. Many of its members are overweight and some are obese, but they all share the same goal: to overcome their addiction to food. Overeaters Anonymous is not focused on weight loss alone but toward the reasons behind the compulsive urge to overeat. Overeaters Anonymous was started in 1960 after a woman who was attending a Gamblers Anonymous meeting recognized the 12-step program could work for compulsive overeaters. Overeaters Anonymous offers compulsive eaters’ unconditional acceptance. The group offers support, and focuses on the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of each member. Overeaters Anonymous uses an adapted version of the original 12-step program and traditions that was started by Alcoholics Anonymous. Overeaters Anonymous does not promote any one diet and encourages members to seek nutritional advice if interested. Their goal is to end food obsession by taking care of the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of their members. Overeaters Anonymous has 6,500 groups in more than 75 countries as of August 2009. It helps thousands to overcome their eating compulsion.