[spacer size="20"] One way to eliminate overeating is with water. Water can help fill you up and has no calories. So during a meal decide how much water you want to drink so you do not overeat. By drinking water you get closer and closer to being full without losing calories. That way you can eat even more of the foods that you love. Most people do not drink enough water daily anyways. So the adding more water to your diet will help. Just make sure you do not overdo it and drink too much water. Sometimes losing the weight you want or getting into shape can be coming from overeating. Here are a few ways to prevent from overeating. Sometimes we continue to eat even though we are not hungry. It just takes some time to register with our body that we are not. So to not overeat do not rush through your meal. Spend time talking to others at the table and enjoy yourself. This will help you not to overeat. Also try chewing your food more, this will use more time and will make the food easier to digest. If you are having a trouble with overeating it might be a good time to start a diet. This way you will have portion control and know what you are able to eat at each meal. There are many diets, such as weight watchers, that can help with portion control and can even tell you how much to eat depending on your weight. It is not a good idea to start a crash diet or anything of that nature. You need to eat, just not to overdo it with candy and sweets.