Total Time: 1 hour

Delivery Method: MET-focused individual therapy with case conference elements

Materials (all forms except the PFR are at the end of this section):

• Copy of client’s PFR (form AS8)

Learning New Coping Strategies (form 1A)

• Blank copy of the Quit Agreement (form 1C)

Supporter Strategies (form 2A)

• Two blank copies of Supporter Agreement (form 2B)

Goals for This Session:

• To specify how a supporter can help the client achieve and maintain change

• To help the client develop a change plan with coping strategies for high-risk situations

Session Outline:

1. Assess client’s progress and readiness to proceed

• Ask client how he or she feels about continuing therapy

• Address client comments and questions about session 1 handouts

• Review the client’s Quit Agreement

2. Welcome supporter

• Stress importance of supporter’s participation

• Provide basic information about intervention

• Answer questions

3. Examine client’s recent experiences

• Did client make an effort to stop? Cut down?

• Did he or she experience any high-risk or tempting situations?

• Did the client use any strategies from Learning New Coping Strategies?

• Were the strategies successful?

4. Examine client’s experience with supportive and nonsupportive relationships

5. Discuss ambivalence

6. Establish a change plan

• Suggest interim goals if client is not ready for abstinence

• Encourage client to set general and specific goals

7. Involve supporter and review Supporter Strategies and Supporter Agreement

• Elicit supporter’s concerns and hopes for the client

• Give supporter Supporter Strategies (form 2A)

• Complete Supporter Agreement (form 2B)

• Review Supporter Agreement

• Help client and supporter decide which items they can agree to

• Review Supporter Agreement with client, even if no supporter attends, and role play asking for support

8. Assign between-session exercises

9. Review and conclude session