Overview of Session 3: Skill Topic 1, Coping With Other Life Problems

Total Time: 1 hour

Delivery Method: CBT-focused individual therapy

Materials (all forms are at the end of this section):

Problem Checklist (form 3A)

Support Plan (form 3B)

• Community resource directory (compiled by the program, this should include information on community agencies that the client can access to address concerns listed on the Problem Checklist)

Goal for This Session:

• To begin to address the client’s non–substance-related problems that can pose obstacles to abstaining from marijuana

Session Outline:

1. Determine whether and when to use psychosocial problem solving

2. Use the Problem Checklist (form 3A) to identify and prioritize psychosocial problems other than substance use

• Consider information gathered during the assessment

• Encourage client to be specific about psychosocial problems

• Have client evaluate the severity of each problem in relation to remaining abstinent

• Help the client prioritize problems

3. Identify goals and resources

4. Develop a Support Plan (form 3B)

5. Discuss implementation issues

• Use motivational strategies when client demonstrates ambivalence

• Convey confidence in the client’s ability to carry out the Support Plan

• Explore the relationship between the client’s psychosocial problems and his or her marijuana use

• Engage in role plays

6. Help the client identify others who can help with the Support Plan

7. Assign between-session exercise

8. Plan to monitor progress

9. Review and conclude session