Overview of Session 7: Skill Topic 5, Problemsolving

Total Time: 1 hour

Delivery Method: CBT-focused individual therapy

Materials (form is at the end of this section):

Problemsolving (form 7A)

• Large paper, posterboard, or dry-erase board to diagram problemsolving steps

Goals for This Session:

• To introduce a strategy for solving problems

• To apply the problemsolving approach to marijuana use and related problems

• To prepare for termination of treatment

Session Outline:

1. Discuss the importance of solving problems

• Explain that problem situations result in use when people think they have no effective coping responses to handle them

2. Describe problemsolving skills

• Recognize the problem

• Identify or elaborate the problem

• Consider various approaches

• Select the most promising approach

• Evaluate effectiveness

3. Practice problemsolving skills

• Work through the process, identifying and applying problemsolving skills

• Role play solutions and evaluate effectiveness

4. Assign between-session exercise

5. Review and conclude session