Overview of Session 8: Skill Topic 6, Marijuana Refusal Skills

Total Time: 1 hour

Delivery Method: CBT-focused individual therapy

Material (form is at the end of this section):

Marijuana Refusal Skills (form 8A)

Goal for This Session:

• To learn about and practice assertive responses to offers of marijuana use

Session Outline:

1. Discuss the effects of social relationships

• Explain that marijuana use limits one’s social group to those who use; explain that this makes it harder to stay abstinent because it increases

— Direct and indirect pressure to use

— Cravings associated with people, places, activities, etc.

— Positive expectancies about the effects of use

— Access to and availability of marijuana

2. Discuss social pressures, risky situations, and assertiveness

• Explain that avoidance of risky social situations is the safest behavior

• Explain that refusing marijuana requires assertiveness skills

• Provide guidance for marijuana refusal: nonverbal behavior, oral responses, requesting behavior change, changing the subject, avoiding excuses

3. Rehearse behaviors

• Role play refusal skills with client

• Process the role play

• Reverse roles with client and model a refusal skill

4. Assign between-session exercise

5. Review and conclude session