Overview of Session 9: Elective Skill Topic 2, Recognizing Seemingly Irrelevant Decisions

Total Time: 1 hour

Delivery Method: CBT-focused individual therapy

Material (form is at the end of this section):

Seemingly Irrelevant Decisions (form 9C)

Goals for This Session:

• To increase awareness of the decisionmaking process

• To recognize how certain choices increase the likelihood of a return to marijuana use

Session Outline:

1. Provide information on effects of seemingly irrelevant decisions

• Tell George’s story

2. Help the client anticipate thoughts of himself or herself as a victim

3. Discuss valuing self-reflection

• Explain that though people commonly act in an automatic way, it’s important when learning new behaviors to be aware of and reflect on decisions and actions

• Encourage the client to become aware of activities and choices

• Encourage the client to think about every choice he or she makes

4. Discuss the role of consciousness in decisionmaking

5. Introduce topic exercises

• Ask about the client’s most recent use and trace back the decisionmaking chain

Ask about weekend plans and develop a plan to avoid risky situations


6. Terminate treatment