Overview of Session 9: Elective Skill Topic 4, Demonstrating Assertiveness

Total Time: 1 hour

Delivery Method: CBT-focused individual therapy

Materials (all forms are at the end of this section):

Assertiveness (form 9F)

Assertiveness Practice Exercises (form 9G)

• Chalkboard or newsprint

Goal for This Session:

• To improve the ability to express feelings and needs to others in an effective way

Session Outline:

1. Elicit client’s definition of assertiveness

2. Define aggressive, passive, passive–aggressive, and assertive

3. Explain benefits of assertiveness

• Increases chances that a person will meet goals

• Increases likelihood that a person will feel good about a situation

4. Introduce skill guidelines

• Review Assertiveness (form 9F)

• Discuss handling situations with negative consequences

5. Model assertiveness

• Role play passive, aggressive, passive–aggressive, and assertive responses

• Ask the client to identify each behavior and its influence on preventing a slip

6. Practice assertive responses to past difficult situations

• Review Assertiveness Practice Exercises (form 9G)

7. Terminate treatment