If you are suffering from oxycontin addiction, then you need to understand that help is available. This very powerful opiate can create such a strong addiction in an addict. If they stop using, they can quickly become sick, depressed and their body may go into withdrawal symptoms which may cause them to feel extreme pain. They will begin using again, but at higher amounts to counteract what they experienced off the drug. The vicious cycle of abuse will begin again. That’s why you need to find help from healthcare professionals immediately. They’ll be able to help you get off oxy, by giving you smaller doses until you are free of dependency.

Many times, a person will not be fully aware of where their oxycontin addiction came from. They could experiment with it casually, but before they know it, they are addicted to the drug. This is because it affects the mind and body in very powerful ways. It can cause someone to lose the sense of who they are and they will become disconnected from reality. That’s why breaking free from this drug can be so hard. The issues surrounding it are the drugs themselves and being free from them can feel impossible at times.

As you continue searching for help with your oxycontin addiction, make sure that you find a treatment program that has experience with this drug. Since it is such a difficult drug to get a person off of, you need to know that the center understands the steps necessary to help you. The worst thing that can happen is that you relapse, so you need to ensure that you’ve fully broken your addiction. To help this happen, you need to spend a very long time undergoing treatment. You may feel that you’ve stopped using, but only time will tell.

After you’ve begun treatment for you oxycontin addiction, you’ll need to make sure that you have a support framework in place. This will help you while you are receiving treatment and afterwards after you leave the comfort and support of the center. You’ll need to create your own support system and this can happen by talking with your family and friends about your oxycontin addiction. The comfort of knowing that there are people that you can talk to about your dependency can mean the difference between relapsing or not. Start your journey to recovery today by contacting a treatment center.