Getting Oxycontin Treatment

Oxycontin is one of medicine’s strongest painkillers. Like all opiates, it is extremely addictive. RecoveryNowTV has years of experience providing Oxycontin treatment to addicts of all personalities, backgrounds and professions. Our drug treatment center has helped hundreds of patients with its innovative Oxycontin treatment, and it can help you, too.

Oxycontin Detox Is The First Step At A Drug Treatment Center

At our Orange County drug treatment center, we offer medical Oxycontin detox programs to help you detox safely and comfortably from this extremely potent prescription drug. Our rapid Oxycontin detox uses doctor-administered medications to help soothe your withdrawal symptoms and speed recovery. Through this method, we’ve lowered the time required for Oxycontin detox from one week to 3 – 4 days. Once you’ve gone through the Oxycontin detox program, you may begin Oxycontin treatment knowing that your body is clean of any addictive chemicals.

Oxycontin Treatment At Our Holistic Drug Treatment Center

Many drug treatment centers offer Oxycontin treatment, but none in Southern California offer the kind of alternative, holistic therapies offered at RecoveryNowTV. As part of your Oxycontin treatment program, you’ll undergo acupuncture, massage, meditation, art & music therapy, equestrian therapy, group and family therapy. These therapies occur in addition to the world-class 12-Step and counseling sessions you’ll have with our center’s highly-trained staff.

The RecoveryNowTV Difference

At RecoveryNowTV, it’s about treating your body at the same time as healing your mind of the mental disease of addiction. You may feel pampered, but it’s actually part of a successful treatment at our drug treatment center. Addiction has ravaged your thinking, but neither did it leave your body without scars. Our holistic Oxycontin treatment works simultaneously with more traditional addiction treatment. This way, we attack the issue from multiple angles and root it out of all the potential hiding spots in your mind and body. It’s not new-aged junk; it’s worked for hundreds of patients over many years. It can work for you, too.