What is Oxycontin Treatment?

Oxycontin is a medication usually prescribed for pain. Patients can find relief from pain within one hour of taking this medicine. It is also used as a recreational drug and is considered to be in the same class of drugs as morphine, heroin and demerol. The excessive use of this kind of drug induces a sense of ecstasy as intense as that of heroin. A serious addiction to this drug develops very quickly and users soon develop a physical dependency on this drug. The first step in Oxycontin treatment is detox.

Begin With Oxycontin Detox

Oxycontin detox is administered via a medical procedure that includes giving anesthesia to the patient, encouraging and speeding withdrawal from the drug while the person is still under the influence of anesthesia. Addiction to oxycontin is a very serious problem and can develop very quickly. Addiction can creep in the life of an individual very quickly and is very difficult to escape. Oxycontin detox must be performed in a hospital under the constant supervision of medical directors. These hospitals assist the patient from the time of admission to release, planning and supervising the program.

Long Term Recovery In An Addiction Treatment Center

Oxycontin detox can help the patient lead a normal life without the addiction. This drug often causes severe physical and mental dependency in the patient and it takes some time in an addiction treatment center to overcome the addiction. Traditional oxycontin detox methods include the use of medication to relieve pain during withdrawal from the substance. An advanced oxycontin detox includes Accelerated Nuero Regulation treatment which boasts an impressive success rate. The body receptors are cleaned after giving anesthesia to the patient, helping relieve cravings completely.