Oxycontin is also known as oxycodone. The abuse of this drug is become a bigger problem with every year. Oxycontin rehab now exists to help people who have become addicted to the drug because of severe pain therapy or recreational drug use. The drug is mean to be swallowed; however, some users are crushing and snorting the pill to gain that sense of euphoria faster. It’s known to have some of the same effects as heroin.

Other people are mixing the drug with water and turning it into an injectable solution. This is a deadly combination. Not only is there the risk of overdose when the pill goes straight into the blood stream, there is also a risk of disease being passed through needles. Oxycontin rehab centers are equipped to deal with someone who has become addicted to the drug, and withdrawal symptoms can be managed in a safe way, especially with in patient Oxycontin rehab.

Seek Oxycontin Rehab

If you need help to treat your addiction, Oxycontin rehab may be the light at the end of the tunnel. This is a serious addiction that may need medical supervision through the detoxification process, so make sure you’ve located the best facility to meet your needs. Don’t fall victim to an Oxycontin overdose. Find sobriety before it’s too late.