If you believe that you are addicted to oxy, you need to understand how devastating overcoming this drug can be. Oxycontin withdrawal is very similar to other powerful drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Many people don’t understand that when they try to stop using this drug, it can be very difficult and stressful for them to every stop using. By contacting a healthcare professional that has experience with treating oxy addiction, you’ll have a better chance of getting off the drug and becoming sober again.

The journey toward recovery can be very long, especially with having to go through oxycontin withdrawal. Since it’s an opiate, it can create a very depressive state in an individual. The mind and body can form a very powerful dependency almost immediately after a few uses. Because the body can become so dependent quickly, many individuals become addicted and can’t stop using until it’s too late. You can’t stop your dependency on your own; you need to contact a treatment center in your area so you can start to get help immediately.

The counselors at a treatment center will talk with you about how long you’ve been using oxy and what you are feeling. Because you may already be feeling oxycontin withdrawal symptoms, you should get help soon. By working closely with trained health professionals, they’ll actually give you specific doses of oxy to help wean you off the drug. You will need to be in an inpatient setting so that you are constantly supervised and can receive medical attention if the need arises. As you slowly use less and less of the drug, your dependency will become less until it’s gone completely.

A major factor to consider when you are selecting a center for treatment of oxycontin withdrawal is its setting. You will want to be in a comfortable and supportive environment. By visiting different centers, you can determine what will work well for you and how it would feel to live at the center. The natural setting may be important to you and you’ll want to be by the ocean or in the mountains. You should also seek out a support group for individuals who have also suffered oxycontin withdrawal. By speaking with others who have felt what you’re feeling, it’ll give you the support and knowledge you’ll need to continue your journey.