Get Help At A Drug Addiction Program

For many recovering addicts, what begins their slip backwards towards relapse and addiction is a pain management regiment prescribed by a doctor. There are many reasons why people get acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term) pain. They often go to a doctor to treat this—and rightfully so. The doctor may prescribe painkillers to the patient, like Oxycontin. Treatment for the pain starts off smoothly, until the patient starts augmenting his dosage without the advice of a doctor. The slip begins, and pretty soon the addiction is full-blown again to what it was before any previous drug addiction program the addict may have attended. This is a situation many recovering addicts face throughout their recovery, for the simple fact that doctors prescribe medication to help with symptoms of pain, and addicts sometimes don’t tell their doctors that they’re recovering addicts. Just because you may be a recovering addict, who’s maybe attended a drug addiction program, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get prescribed medication to help with pain management. But you should inform your doctor of your past addiction so that the two of you can closely monitor the pain management process.

A Drug Addiction Program For Prescription Drug Addicts

If the above scenario happened to you, and now you need the help of a drug addiction program, RecoveryNowTV has the resources and experience to provide prescription drug treatment, especially Oxycontin treatment. We use Oxycontin treatment as an example here because it’s a growing trend among prescription drug users because of its strength.

Oxycontin Detox Programs Protect The Addict

Oxycontin is so strong that usually before Oxycontin treatment can begin, an Oxycontin detox program has to be completed so there are no health risks to the recovering addict.  Oxycontin detox, if not done with medical professionals, can cause withdrawal symptoms equal to heroin withdrawals: sweating, hallucinations, fever, stroke, vomiting, etc. At RecoveryNowTV, we have a traditional and rapid Oxycontin detox program, lasting between one week and three days, respectively. Rapid Oxycontin detox uses medications to speed your body’s cleansing process as well as alleviate withdrawal symptoms. With Oxycontin detox and Oxycontin treatment at the RecoveryNowTV drug addiction program, you can live a life free of addiction.