Painkiller Addiction

drug therapy Being addicted to pain killers seems to be more and more common as every year passes. These drugs are becoming cheaper and easier than other street drugs to get a hold of. The sense of euphoria and the level of “high” that people can get on painkillers are so desirable that some will go to dramatic lengths to get those pills in their hands. People are becoming addicted to drugs like: Vicodin Oxycontin Codeine Percocet Morphine Fentanyl There are many more, but these drugs are widely abused because of their availability and ease to get either on the streets or from a physician. Sometimes, people become addicted by accident, especially if they’re being treated for pain and under a doctor’s care. People who are suffering from a painkiller addiction are more likely to seek help than those who are addicted to heroin. This is most likely because the addiction was accidental and they are under the care of a physician who is helping them manage the pain.

Seek Help for Painkiller Addiction

Just because painkillers are prescribed to manage moderate to severe pain, it does not mean that they are safe. Painkillers can be dangerous is abused and can cause respiratory problems, seizures and even death in the case of an overdose. If you need assistance for painkiller addiction, please seek the help of a medical professional and get checked into a rehabilitation facility that specializes in the treatment of painkiller addiction.