People can easily become addiction and rely on prescription painkillers for emotional and physical stability. When you need to enter a painkiller rehab facility or program because of your addiction, you need to make sure that the center has experience in treating people who have painkiller addictions. The detoxification process for pills is different than what needs to be done to detox from drugs like heroin.

A big reason people need to enter painkiller rehab is something called Drug Mismanagement. The doctor prescribes medicine to treat pain but then removes the drug and leaves the patient high and dry. Gradually decreasing the medicine is the best way to stop a potential accidental addiction. Of course, others who enter painkiller rehab can be there because they decided to use the drug recreationally and never had any issues with pain prior to using.

Find a Painkiller Rehab Facility That’s Right for You

There are different types of programs you can enter for painkiller rehab. You can have anywhere from a 30 day to 180 day program. These are inpatient programs and can be a very intense method of treatment. However, the more aggressive the treatment is from the start, the more likely it is to be successful. Don’t hesitate if you need help from a painkiller rehab facility. There will be help available in your area, just contact your doctor or call your local hospital to obtain information on where you will start.