Form 9A

Personal Emergency Plan: High-Risk Situation

If I encounter a high-risk situation,

• I will leave or change the situation or environment.

• I will put off the decision to use for 15 minutes. I will remember that most cravings are time limited and that I can wait it out and not use.

• I will challenge my thoughts about using. Do I really need marijuana? I will remind myself that my only true needs are for air, water, food, and shelter.

• I will think of something unrelated to using.

• I will remind myself of my successes to this point.

• I will call people on my list of emergency numbers:

Names Phone Numbers

1. ________________________________ ________________________________

2. ________________________________ ________________________________

3. ________________________________ ________________________________

4. ________________________________ ________________________________

5. ________________________________ ________________________________

6. ________________________________ ________________________________

Remember: Riding out this crisis will strengthen my program.

Form 9B

Personal Emergency Plan: Lapse

A lapse can represent a crisis in recovery. Returning to abstinence requires an all-out effort. Here are some things you can do. If I do experience a lapse,

• I will get rid of the marijuana and get away from the setting where I lapsed.

• I will realize that a little marijuana or even 1 day of drug use does not have to result in a full-blown relapse. I will not give in to feelings of guilt or blame myself because I know these feelings will pass in time.

• I will call someone for help.

Remember: This lapse is only a temporary detour on the road to abstinence.

Write a detailed emergency plan for coping with high-risk lapse situations.