Personnel Policies and Procedures

Inclusion of the following policies and procedures in agency operations will help ensure a nondiscriminatory environment for both clients and staff as well as equal representation of LGBT viewpoints in program and policy development.

• Include sexual orientation and gender identity in your nondiscriminatory employment policy.

• Develop and implement grievance procedures for employee reports or complaints of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

• Enlist openly LGBT members to serve on the board of directors and in other leadership positions. Ensure that LGBT individuals of color are represented in proportions that reflect the community demographics.

• Include partners in the definition of family when writing bereavement policies or sick leave policies on caring for family members.

• Ensure that the organization has a contagious-disease policy that includes HIV/AIDS (as opposed to an AIDS policy).

• Employ openly LGBT individuals as staff and consultants.

• Advertise job openings in LGBT publications.

• Establish an LGBT advisory board to help with program design, services, and community outreach to advise the board of directors, administration, and staff.

• Review the ability of staff to be inclusive and supportive; directly confront overt discrimination. Hold staff and leaders accountable for upholding the policies as set forth. The degree to which this performance goal is or is not met should be reflected in promotions and merit salary increases.