On the Lookout for Prescription Drug Addiction Signs

Are you concerned for someone because of a possible addiction to prescription drugs?  There are telltale prescription drug addiction signs you can look for in a person that might indicate they have an issue.  Some of these would be: using multiple physicians for prescriptions, refusing other forms of treatment, numerous injuries that result with medication needs, taking other people's medication and defensiveness against you should you bring up a possible addiction.

Recognize Prescription Drug Addiction Signs

We don't want to see our friends or loved ones fall victim to drug abuse, so it's important that we do all that we can to help them get better. Sometimes this means staging an intervention.  However, before you accuse someone of being an addict, be sure to recognize the prescription drug addiction signs in them and consider talking to a professional.  These matters must be handled carefully to yield positive results. SoberRecovery.com is a great place for you to check out articles and forums about people who are dealing with these problems as well. Remember, prescription drug addiction signs can be as big as a stop sign or as subtle as a nightlight.  Educate yourself and learn what you should be on the lookout for.  It may be difficult to start that initial conversation with the addict, but they'll thank you in the end.