Program Design and Implementation Policies

Implementation of the following program design and implementation policies will help ensure that adequate resources are directed toward meaningful activities for LGBT clients from diverse backgrounds.

• Ensure that child care services are designed to include LGBT parents. Design workshops on parenting that are not biased toward heterosexuals.

• Utilize focus groups of recovering LGBT individuals in designing and expanding services to ensure the services meet the specific needs of LGBT clients.

• Ensure that case conferencing and clinical supervision address any issues raised in treatment by LGBT clients.

• Provide education for heterosexual clients about language and behaviors that show bias toward LGBT people. Establish firm guidelines regarding client behavior, and consistently enforce these guidelines to ensure a treatment atmosphere of safety for LGBT (and all) clients.

• Emphasize and enforce the confidentiality of all treatment services and printed materials at staff trainings and all client functions.

• Make all family services available for the domestic partners and significant others of LGBT clients in your program. These may include conjoint therapy, family therapy, or groups.

• Be sure there are social events and activities appropriate and relevant to LGBT clients of diverse cultural backgrounds.

• Create opportunities for LGBT clients to attend workshops or meetings (including 12-step meetings) that are culturally specific. This can be done in conjunction with local LGBT program resources. Provide transportation for your LGBT clients to these events.

• Make sufficient financial commitment and invest adequate resources to allow your program to fully implement these policies and procedures.