Most of the people always come and question about the consequences of alcohol has on their weight loss and exercise programs. Undoubtedly the answer is "It's not good for health"

What does alcohol do?

Drinking makes you more attractive, funnier, and more charming to the opposite sex, according to studies from the Coors Research Institute (sorry, I don't have the reference for those studies...). Just kidding. We both know that it adds unnecessary, almost nutrient-free calories to our diet, makes us tired the next morning, lowers our inhibitions around junk food, and dehydrates our bodies. None of these is helpful for a fat loss program. In addition, alcohol also has negative consequences for your metabolism, body composition, and recovery. It should not be surprising that the more you drink, the more your fat burning is impaired. So drinking booze is not a smart choice if getting lean is a priority. But most importantly, drinking alcohol leads to you consuming too many calories (both from the alcohol and the poor food choices you make while under the influence). It also hinders your recovery from exercise. And man, do you know how many calories bartenders can pack into some of those drinks? A simple beer is 150 calories (the equivalent of 1.5 slices of bread), while a glass of wine or shot of alcohol is closer to 100 calories. But then add the booze to a mixed drink like a margeurita or pina colada, and you're up to 500 calories per drink. That's the same as a big mac! And you'd never think of having 2 to 3 big macs at a single meal, would you? It is not a matter, if you are drinking alcohol on your holidays, but dont drink often.