Residential alcohol rehab is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an alcohol rehab treatment facility that you reside at during your course of treatment. These can be as beautiful as an island resort, or as typical as a standard clinical or hospital setting. Regardless, you’re participating in residential treatment for alcohol because your addiction is so large that you cannot trust yourself or others do not trust you to be unsupervised. Inpatient treatment is just the course you’ll have to take. Residential alcohol rehab can be expensive, but many clinics do accept insurance policies. You shouldn’t let cost be a deterrent to your health. Alcoholism is a disease, and you can have some serious health risks if you continue to drink. You can also have some serious legal issues should you choose to drink and then drive. If all you do is a get a DUI charge, then you’re lucky. You could have been facing manslaughter for hitting someone with your car. Get into rehab before that happens.

Know about Residential Alcohol Rehab

It may be a little unnerving to think you’ll be watched like a criminal during your treatment, or at least the first part of it while you’re in residential alcohol rehab, but it is essential to recovery. You’re being monitored by medical staff because they need to make sure you are detoxing in a safe, healthy way. Did you know that withdrawals from alcohol can cause nausea, migraines and even seizures? That’s why it’s so important to receive good medical care if you need rehabilitation. We often don’t think our bodies could end up reacting like that, but they can and they do. Know you’re in good hands and be thankful you picked residential alcohol rehab.