Residential drug rehabs tend to be private rehab centers where clients live in either a home or dorm-style setting with a resident manager who generally operates as a den mother (father). Clients live and work together in this home-style atmosphere in a social model approach that encourages learning through role-modeling and peer support. Counselors, qualified staff members and other residents all work together to create a sober, supportive environment.

Benefits of Residential Drug Rehab

One of the most obvious benefits of residential drug rehab is the ability to live in a home-style atmosphere instead of a hospital while attending inpatient. Residential drug rehabs may have a check-in/check-out policy and a house manager but they are typically not lock-down facilities. This environment offers a more relaxed and familiar approach with greater flexibility. Activities such as volleyball, baseball and barbecues at resident homes are likely to be more prevalent at residential drug rehabs than at a hospital clinic. Residential drug rehabs are typically modeled after the social model approach. That is, they encourage behavior modification through the use of role models and sober support groups. 12-step groups operate on this principle, as individuals new to sobriety seek out sponsors to help role model them through the process of working the steps.

Residential Drug Rehab Program

Another benefit to residential drug rehabs is the variety of program options to choose from. While most hospital drug rehab programs tend to adhere to specific formats as necessary for health insurance purposes, residential drug rehabs can be more flexible. These programs may offer everything from a 12-step format to a holistic based program to behavioral therapy and everything in between. In addition, residential drug rehabs may offer more options for social opportunities and activities in the community. If you are considering a residential drug rehab, it’s important to call and find out what the program basis is and if possible, tour the living facilities to find out if it’s a place that feels comfortable to you. Find a residential drug rehab program that offers what you want and set up a time to take a tour, preferably during a weekday when the facilities are fully operating. You may find that a residential drug rehab program is exactly what you’re looking for.