Rohypnol or more popularly known as “roofies” is a date rape drug. If you feel that you have been administered this drug against your will then you need to find help immediately. This drug is usually used as an anesthesia and when taken improbably or against someone’s will it can be very dangerous. When a person uses this drug to perform date rape, they are creating two crimes. One they are giving a drug to a person without their knowledge and two, they sexually assaulting an individual. You shouldn’t treat this lightly and you need to make sure that you contact healthcare professionals and the police immediately.

Since someone administers rohypnol in secret, many times a person won’t know that they’ve taken it. Alcohol intensifies its affects, so when a person thinks that they have just drunk too much and blacked out – this isn’t always the case. Many times, they have been given roofies and there are symptoms to look out for. What kind of physical actions were you performing? Was your speech slurred and motor functions disabled? Did this occur after only a few alcoholic drinks or even after not drinking at all? If you see these symptoms in yourself or someone you care about then you need to find help.

Many times, a person will be given rohypnol multiple times and never know that they were taking it. They begin to develop a dependency on the drug and this is when things can get complicated. They will go into withdrawal and desire the drug but, not know what’s wrong with them. Speaking with a doctor can help you determine if the drug has been in your system. They can check your blood and determine the best method  of treatment for the drug.

Now that you understand more about rohypnol,you should contact healthcare professionals and the police today. You need to tell the police that someone is administering drugs to individuals and harming them. This person is very dangerous and make sure that you stop them before they hurt anyone else. You also need medical help to help detoxify yourself from the rohypnol. Roofies affect everyone differently and you may have developed a dependency quicker than you thought possible. Help is available and it’s just a phone call away.