This article will give you information on rohypnol, otherwise known as the date rape drug, “roofies”. This drug can be mixed and administered with other drugs, so that the user is never aware that they have ingested it. While using this drug a person will easily forgot hours of their life and during that period while intoxicated could do things and actions they normally wouldn’t do while having consciousness. It can be almost impossible to avoid use since it is usually given to an individual against their will.

Rohypnol is used as a sedative and for anti-insomnia. It is not available in the United States, but can be procured in Europe and Mexico. It has very powerful effects on the user and is over eight times as powerful as Valium. The effects can last around 8 to12 hours. During use, the individual could also be using other drugs, since it is viewed as boosting those drugs effects and creating a different high. But, when used by an individual for other purposes, it can be seen as a date rape drug.

Unfortunately, repeated exposure to rohypnol can cause a dependency and an individual can experience withdrawal symptoms when they have stopped using. It can be very difficult to determine if you’ve been exposed to roofies if you are also drinking alcohol and using other drugs which will intensify its effects. You should contact a healthcare professional immediately if you believe you’ve been exposed to this drug. They can help you determine the quantity that you’ve ingested and any rehabilitation that you may need to go through.

There are symptoms that you can look for to determine if an individual has been using rohypnol. The usual signs are similar to someone when they are drunk. Slurred speech lost of motor control, drossiness, and an overall sense of confusion. You should help the person if you can and get them away from those that may have administered the rohypnol. Since they may have been exposed to it against their will you may have to take it upon yourself to seek help for them. Talking with your friends about the effects of roofies and how it can completely cause them to blackout is important. If someone knows that they could have taken roofies, then it is easier for them to seek help.