Session 1 Protocol

The counselor welcomes the client and provides an overview of the session. In this session, the counselor uses MET techniques while reviewing the client’s PFR and helping the client prepare for change.

Assess the Client’s Readiness To Proceed

The counselor asks the client to express his or her thoughts and any major changes that have occurred since the assessment session. Some possible responses from the client might be

• Abstinence since entering treatment

• A reduction in the client’s marijuana use

• Seeking additional treatment or attendance at a mutual-help program

• Conversations about his or her use or about this program with family or friends.

The counselor responds empathically, uses opportunities to support the client’s self-efficacy for change, and reinforces expressions of motivation.

Counselor (C): Thank you for being on time. How are things going?

Shirley (S): After answering all those questions about my smoking, I am more aware of it than ever! Nothing has changed yet, but I am thinking about it. My husband has been very supportive.

C: And his support means a lot to you.

S: You bet! He is someone I can count on.

C: That’s good to hear. Let’s be sure to talk about specific requests you might make of him for support in the future.


C: You arrived a little late for your appointment. Is this a good time for you, or would a different time work better?

Doug (D): No; this is fine. There was a lot of traffic.

C: How are things?

D: Worse. My wife and my son are on my back; they are treating me as if I’m a leper.

C: That sounds like an uncomfortable situation for you.

D: Yeah; I feel like everyone is against me.

C: How has this affected your smoking?

D: At times I find myself smoking just to prove that it’s not a problem for me!

C: It’s more of a problem for them.

D: That’s right. I don’t think either one really understands me.

C: You’d like them to understand you; that might remove some reasons for getting high.

D: Yeah. At least I wouldn’t be trying to get back at them.